Energy Policy

Policy Issues

Decades of American dependence on foreign energy sources has taken a toll on our economy. Happily, this may be finally coming to an end. One reason for this is that states are proving themselves to be innovative, competitively-minded regulators of new technologies to extract oil and gas.

The shale boom has yielded increased domestic availability of energy, thousands of good jobs for U.S. workers and lower energy costs to American consumers and businesses.

We should ease limits on development of oil and gas reserves on the outer continental shelf It may be too late to reverse the Administration’s tragically mistaken policy on the XL pipeline; it must not be repeated in other settings.

America enjoys an enviable abundance of natural resources such as coal, oil and gas.

We have a similarly abundant capacity for innovation that will allow further development of renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and safe nuclear power. All of these energy sources, coupled with continuing energy efficiency advances, can power the American economy far into the future.