Economic Growth

Policy Issues

Constructive conservatives want to grow the economy, not the government and to do so, among other steps, by lowering taxes, slowing the growth of federal spending and reducing the burden of regulation on American citizens, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Economic growth that’s strong and durable is achievable in America’s future, as it has been in our past. It is an essential ingredient in private sector job creation.

Achieving growth will require sound policy and serious policymakers who can resist the temptation to merely make statements instead of making a difference. Not only would government shutdowns and debt defaults fail to accelerate growth, they would actually retard it while undermining further America’s credibility around the world to partners and rivals alike – and here at home to her own citizens who look to their government to finally start solving problems instead of making more of them.

Also essential to strong and sustained growth – and long overdue – is a multi-year focus on Renewing our Transportation Infrastructure which will be elaborated in another section as will other pro-growth imperatives like Tax Reform, Entitlement Reform, Energy Independence and Sensible Immigration Reform.

Constructive conservatives know that the achievement of many of these objectives must begin with growth and that without it many of them can become harder, even impossible, to achieve.