Our Principal Beliefs


We believe in putting achievable solutions and substance before soundbites; realism before bombastic, cheap rhetoric; and effective governing before “reality-show” politics.

We believe that anger is no substitute for ideas, substantive policies and constructive discourse.

We believe the doctrinaire inflexibility of “one way or no way” policy positions offers little of value, and achieves less.

We believe that making incremental progress today toward conservative policy objectives is preferable to waiting for months or years for the theoretical opportunity to have the “whole loaf.”

We believe that politics in America isn’t war; it ought to be a contest of ideas.

We believe that our politics would serve our Republic better if it focused less on finding fault and assigning blame and more on offering solutions and finding common ground where possible; and progress is progress, even if not 80, 90 or 100 percent of one’s goal.