Our Mission


Organized as a 501(c)(4) non-profit, Right Way Initiative’s primary mission is to support “constructive” conservative public policy solutions; including educating the public on the opportunities and limitations of the legislative-process, supporting innovative center-right policy prescriptions and educating and encouraging Americans to support responsible, conservative policies.

“Constructive conservatism” is dedicated to the advancement of conservative principles by leading, educating and rallying Americans in support of principled, achievable solutions; instead of employing destructive tactics that marginalize, divide and undermine the advancement of conservative ideas and policies and can actually set them back.

In addition to its primary issue advocacy activities, Right Way will also participate in limited candidate advocacy, supporting individuals and policymakers who demonstrate a commitment to constructive conservatism and governance and aggressively engaging those whose actions are in conflict with Right Way’s approach.

Right Way will also put a priority on “expectations-management” advocacy. This means simply heightening public awareness of what can be realistically expected of our divided politics and government – and how fast – especially since the Founders built constraints into our constitutional system designed to impose limits on quick, one-sided or emotion-driven government action.  In short, it requires recognizing that much of what government has done over years cannot be undone overnight – no matter what the polls may say.

A near-perfect example of poor expectations management was the promise of Obamacare repeal – and the 50 votes to do it – despite the inevitability of the president’s veto and the certainty that the promise could not be kept. The promise heightened expectations and the failure heightened disillusion, backlash and anger.